We make every single thing, by hand, in Sydney Australia. All of our bags and smalls are cut, stitched and finished in a family owned and run factory that has been running for decades. The quality is on-point and the family are awesome. We feel humbled and pumped to be working with these guys.

All our footwear is crafted and carefully assembled in our workroom, The Workroom. Of which we are VERY proud.


Everything in our workroom – cutting tables, packing tables, machines and tools – has been donated, salvaged, collected and refurbished from now retired shoemakers. Our trusty machines came from a recently, regretfully closed Bankstown shoe factory that had been making in Sydney for 30 years.
We love that all our kit is a homage to the Australian manufacturing industry of years gone by.


In keeping with our local focus, we try our hardest to employ Australian brands and Australian products within our four walls.
Bondi Wash takes care of all our cleaning products. Made with Australian bush botanics and being 100% natural, they pack that natural punch required to clean down our surfaces after a day of making.
Maison Balzac beautiful mouth blown gobelets and carafe gives us extraordinary pleasure in the simple act of drinking water (to quote MB).
And handmade Hunch Mark ceramic O-Cups for our dose (or three) of coffee.

Coffee. Ah, coffee! We’re as serious about our beans as we are about our shoes.
We sip fantastic brews from local roasters Sample and Loggerhead Coffee, mainly.
When we’ve nailed the week, there’s a Batch Brewery Juicy Pale Ale ready to crack in the fridge. Cheers.


We are committed to deploying the very best materials. For quality and for health. We use non-toxic adhesives, water based where we can – safe for our makers and safe for our wearers. Minimal smell and no waste. These are imported from France and the USA as sadly our local guys can’t make the non-toxic stuff.


Our pens are made in Australia from printer cartridges. When they’re empty, we send them back so they can be filled once more. We’re quite attached to our pens!
Our pencils are made from recycled paper. When they’re empty the stubs go back in the recycling.


This is big one. Plants have a positive effect on our environment and wellbeing. Plants not only filter the air but also the mind. Numerous studies show reduced anxiety, depression and fatigue when plants are introduced to the workspace. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a CO2 generating machine, emitting high oxygen content and removing toxins from the air at an incredibly high rate.

We have a glorious Ficus which welcomes us each morning. Vivid green maiden hairs and a mezzanine of splendid creepers which provide an abundance of life and clean beautiful air.